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Transformational Mentoring
Our Universe is Inter connected. Our Lives are Inter connected.

We are not alone in this universe. We are not a stand-alone spirit disconnected from all other souls. We are all connected with one another. Time is just an illusion. Distance is just an illusion. Life and death are just illusions. There is no beginning and there is no end. We are all one. It is time to become the Healer of your Life. We are the ones who create our realities. Over and over again. Nothing is set in stone. Everything can be changed. Every minute of every day we have a chance for change. By seeing ourselves as the Healer of our life and by realizing that we have the Power to be in charge of our destiny, we can not only overcome any challenge that we are facing – be it a health, a financial or a relationship issue – but actually create the future and the life that we desire. Transformational Mentoring Dr. Q’s Transformational Mentoring provides you with the tools necessary to experience a Quantum Leap of Personal Development that will help you create an Abundance of Happiness, Health & Wealth.

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