May 5, 2015

Meet Dr Q

Dr Q has lead an extraordinary life from early childhood.

Growing up with a Persian Bahá’í father and an Austrian Catholic mother in the Middle East, Dr Q was provided with a deep cultural understanding. Dr Q and his family sought safety in Vienna after fleeing the revolution that broke out in Iran. Escaping with only the clothes on their backs, they had to adjust to a very modest lifestyle in Vienna compared to the one they were living in Iran.

Then Dr Q received a lethal diagnosis of cancer when he was just a teen resulting in many years of on and off hospitalization. Being the only survivor in the entire hospital ward, leaving Dr Q with a question that he continually pondered.

Why was my life the only one spared?

Determined now to get the most from life Dr Q earned a PhD in International Law along with a degree in engineering. Now equipped for success, Dr Q’s business took off and everything was right on track.

Until a horrible car accident put a sudden halt to everything Dr Q had been working for!

Life changed for Dr Q at that moment, because 5 angels appeared and with a sudden wave of understanding Dr Q knew he was going to survive.

Dr Q felt he was always in touch with his inner self, then after he endured these experiences Dr Q realized he could recognize healing energies. This new recognition came with the awareness of being able to detect each individual person’s life force.

Dr Q had been searching for an explanation since one Vienna day from many years before the accident at a crowded metro stop when he had seen tangible traces of energy swirling around strangers on the platform and wondered what they were. This desire for understanding, the life changing moment at the car accident, and this new ability/knowledge for seeing an individual life force began Dr Q’s relentless study of the human condition.

This journey has sent Dr Q through education that has provided him with training,skills, and the ability to administer multiple psychotherapies. These healing therapies that Dr Q practices include the Silva Method, the Hoffman Process, applied kinesiology, and Reiki.

Avidly practicing meditation Dr Q is also proficient in NLP, Neuro-Linguistic programming. Combining ancient teachings with cutting edge scientific therapies, Dr Q understands the inner workings of the mind and body and how they are linked to the ability of core desire manifestation.

Dr Q is sought after worldwide for his life transforming mentorship from people looking for help with Health, Wealth, and Happiness. Dr Q helps people improve their health by working on individual issues, find solutions for financial concerns, and discover the path to happy personal relationships.

It is Dr Q’s life passion to guide others toward a permanent realization of how to control their lives and achieve their maximum potential.

Dr Q has also built a successful travel company that Entrepreneur Magazine named one of the fastest growing U.S. businesses of 2007. Dr Q is also available to facilitate the organization of customized wellness retreats for healthcare professionals.