May 5, 2015


Dr Q testimonial by Dan PadrazaDear Q,

    “It has been a pleasure working with Dr Q.  I hired Dr Q because he was listed as someone who could get things done and I hoped that he would set a good example.   And Dr Q did.  I was facing a big challenge initially of staying focused and Dr Q was the person I needed.  I liked Dr Q’s serious business approach and him asking me what I planned to do.  

I now continue to write down 3 things that I focus on before beginning anything new.  I am an improved person by this focus and by always taking action steps. I would like to be identified by Dan Podraza, Health Coach.  But I hope I can make a big difference here in Chicago by bringing people together to help form a new Health Paradigm.” 

Dan Podraza



Dr Q testimonial by AndreaDr Q,

“I met Dr Q in 2011 touring Europe. At the time I was struck by his cheerful outgoing nature plus his seemingly endless knowledge. When I returned home I sought out Dr Q as a personal coach to help me with my goal of finding a partner. His philosophies and the exercises he uses are designed to help you know yourself better and focus like a laser on your goal. His suggestions work. I met a wonderful gentlemen following Dr Q’s strategies. As a result of working with Dr Q I know myself better. The exercises that Dr Q uses guide you to clarify what you want out of life. Once you are clear the path reveals itself. The best thing is that I achieved my goal. I met a great guy.”

Andrea in Healthcare



“I hired Dr Q because I found myself in a difficult and challenging position in my work life. I was between jobs and had given up a promising legal career for what I perceived to be a better one. Now I needed to get back on my feet and things were not going my way. Dr Q demands the best out of you and gives you the confidence necessary to demand the best of yourself too. The 3 most significant improvements I received as a result of working with Dr Q were a new job meeting all my expectations and more, a happier home life, plus a positive outlook on life.”

Bob Benjy, Esq. – Attorney from Los Angeles, California



“Since I have started working with Dr Q, I think I have given myself a break and learned that my success is not only in my new career, but also in the quality of time that I spend with my family. I was so focused on being successful with my new education, that I was losing sight of the most important aspects of my life; my daughter and husband. I was also falling behind in my schooling.

Dr Q is an excellent listener. Dr Q also asks real high-mileage questions that really get me thinking. He thoughtfully listens to me ramble for minutes at a time, and then he will insert a wonderful comment, or suggestion that will turn a light bulb on in my head.

The most significant thing that I have taken from my work with Dr Q, is that it is ok to be successful at home first, before worrying about how I will ‘do it all’.   I really needed to successfully complete my education, and focus on raising my daughter before making a name for myself in my business. When the time is right, I can incorporate a my new business into my life. 

Dr Q also taught me that everyone is bio-individual. What works for me, may not be the best for someone else, and that is ok.

And most of all, Dr Q has taught me to listen better. That has been my biggest challenge.

I am so lucky that my intuition led me to Dr Q. It has been an invaluable experience.”  

Allison B. Palanzo
Palanzo Martial Arts and Wellness
Baltimore, MD



 “I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. I just wanted someone to keep me on track in many different aspects of my life where there wasn’t any kind of constant direction. Dr Q catered to my needs at that exact moment in time. There was never any pressure to “stick to the plan”. It was always a very flexible approach. Dr Q also placed focus in multiple aspects of my life, and was very much multi-dimensional.

The 3 most significant improvements as a result of working with Dr Q were:

1. Looking at situations (life) from a different very positive perspective
2. lost 30 lbs. since working with Dr Q
3. ADD is much more controlled

In many different ways. I’ve always found my physical and mental health to be the foundation of how happy and successful I am in life. With Dr Q’s help, I have created a very harmonious mental and physical foundation.

Dr Q’s services can benefit anyone in some form or another. Using real life examples to prove points has always been beneficial, as well as trying the techniques yourself and sharing those experiences.”

Chris – Falls Church, VA



Milana testimonial for Dr Q“Initially I was referred to Dr Q by a friend. At that point in my life I really needed guidance and direction with things that were left unresolved in my life and how to deal with difficult situations. I liked making the lists, because reading it on paper made everything realistic. It didn’t seem like a far fetched thought or dream that one day I can follow but more like a checklist that I could do, and that helped me visualize my goals more easily.

The 3 things that I learned from Dr Q was that I always had to listen to myself, because I am the only one who can really look out for myself. Another thing is to always do what makes you happy no matter how it might seem to other people, because ultimately your happiness leads to a better and healthier version of yourself. Lastly, it’s ok to fall off your horse as long as you get back on it.  

Every time I find myself in a difficult situation and don’t know what outcome to choose, I always think if this is the outcome that can make me happy in the long run, in the future. Another thing is if I do make mistakes then I am not as hard on myself as I use to be because I know that tomorrow is a new day, a fresh start and I could go back and try again until I get it right.”

Milana Shabekova, Teacher, NYC



“A need to learn more about myself and the decisions that I was making when it came to nutrition led me to work with Dr Q. I liked most that Dr Q remembered everything that we talked about in every conversation, I felt like Dr Q paid attention and really cared. The attention that Dr Q devoted to my situation was personal and pertained to the issues that I was facing.  I felt like the sessions were customized to my issues and not one-size fits all. I also liked that Dr Q followed up with what we talked about and my list of to do’s, it kept me on task.
The 3 most significant improvements as a result of working together were:

1) Knowledge of ingredients put in food 
2) Managing emotions 
3) Setting goals in business and in life 
I learned a lot about myself.  In my business and in my life there are a lot of ups and downs and it is how we react to them that is the most important, the number one thing that I learned was how to manage the reaction to these life events.  My lows are no longer as low as before.

I can’t say enough about the person that Dr Q is, and his desire to help the people that he works with to be better individuals.  Dr Q is smart, detail oriented, caring and have the utmost integrity — it shines through in the work that he does.  I would feel comfortable referring Dr Q to friends, family and co-workers.”

Caryn Grafton
Mortgage Lender
George Mason Mortgage
Fairfax, Virgina



Dr Q testimonial by Chrysta“I was led to hire Dr Q as I felt he was the best fit for a coach for me while a student at IIN. Some challenges that I faced prior to working with Dr Q were some family and relationship issues. My grandmother had passed away upon the start of our coaching sessions and that led to some major changes in my life as well as relationship changes. I can see more clearly now of how everything was perfectly orchestrated to work with Dr Q to help me through that period in my life.

What I liked most about working with Dr Q was his positive attitude and approach. Dr Q helped me to find the answers within, as opposed to feeding me the observations he had. This was very valuable to me.

The 3 most significant improvements I’m enjoying is an improved romantic relationship, more confidence of myself and my abilities, and overall changes (for the better) in my diet.

I feel this has impacted me by helping me to focus my energy within and know that I have all the answers. With Dr Q’s direction I was able to locate this place more solidly and it has changed so many aspects of my life.

It has been enjoyable working with Dr Q : )”

Chrysta Horwedel
Holistic Health Coach, Los Angeles, CA



 “I have multiple fibroids & 1 large one in my uterus & I did not want to have surgery to remove them.

Dr Q is very supportive & positive in my efforts to heal myself without surgery or medication.

The fibroids are shrinking, healing is occurring in the relationship with my ex-husband, and I believe more strongely in my own healing.

A decade long health concern has been resolved !!! I am thrilled with how quickly this process has yielded results.”

C.Carr, New Jersey



 “Intuitively, I was drawn to Dr Q, he is very easy to talk to. I feel that I can basically discuss anything with Dr Q without any judgement on his part. I like that Dr Q can “tap into my energy field” and give me amazing insight into the issues I’m dealing with as well as a game plan to work through the issues.  Great stuff!!

Since we’ve been working together I have been able to move through the “hurt” I have been feeling from ending an 8yr relationship.  When I first started my sessions with Dr Q I thought I was “fine”!  I was suppressing the pain and moving forward without really dealing with what I was really feeling. Dr Q helped me realize that my physical pain was directly related to the emotional issues with my ex.  I now feel more confident (I don’t blame myself anymore), I can visualize my success (the eulogy was an amazing tool), and I feel less pain in my shoulder (due to your healing work).  I truly believe Dr Q has a God given gift and there are many, many people who would benefit from his counseling and healing.

Meeting Dr Q and working with him as my mentor has given me clarity regarding relationship patterns in my life (father, boyfriend issues).  In addition, Dr Q helped me realize I am truly on my path!”

Doreen Iacona; HHC, CPT
Brooklyn, NY



“Waking up at 4 or 5am with vague feelings of apprehension, encountering situations that may bring up fearful, anxious emotions, feelings of insecurity, and self-esteem issues led me to Dr Q.  I have a long-term old stress issue, which almost certainly has its origins in a serious financial and legal situation long ago concerning my widowed mother’s affairs. The situation extended over many years. My mother lived overseas, and as her only child and only close relative I was obligated to take on the problem and do my utmost to resolve her predicament.  The experience was unbelievably challenging and I had no experience in these matters and had to steel myself not to give up until the situation was resolved years later. I received very little moral support at the time.

Communication is relaxed and comprehensive.  Dr Q described what he was going to do in a manner easy to comprehend. In my case, Dr Q’s description of the two flows of energy, the energetic and the physical that function in tandem and what happens when one flow becomes ‘desafinado’ took me to a place where I felt in touch with my own energy fields and with the healing, energy cleansing process Dr Q was doing. 

The 3 most significant improvements as a result of working with Dr Q were: 

1) Less bouts of anxiety and fear
2) A slight, noticeable increase in self-confidence which I expect and hope will continue!
3) Long walks several times a week as Dr Q suggested has improved my state of mind and well being, and of course accelerated my recovery from my stay in hospital.

Gradual, yet radical changes are underway. I’ve noticed a shift in focus.  Issues that I considered important seem less so. This could be partly due to Dr Q’s healing energy work, and to the experiences I had while in the hospital, that I turned into a positive action for the benefit of future patients, and children who also have food intolerances.”

Elizabeth Goldston



 “I was looking for a coach that had a different background and culture – other than American. I was pleased to find out that Dr Q spent a lot of time in Europe.

As I spent much of my life split between the US and Europe I wanted someone who could relate to that.

There was no bullshit, and Dr Q placed importance on not getting sidetracked. Paying attention to my mind.

The 3 most significant improvements from working with Dr Q were:

– not to get stuck
– keep moving forward
– try to mold it all together

I try to make dates, then plan out afterwards. “

Gabriella Verbovszky
Artist, Educator, Culinary Chef, Restorative Diet Coach
Chicago, IL
Budapest, Hungary



“I selected Dr Q from an array of coaches based not only on his credentials and experience, but primarily as a result of his view of life and his personal philosophy of having a vibrant existence at our maximum potential..

Dr Q’s approach includes being open while encouraging participation for me to find solutions within myself. His encouragement and resources have been invaluable.

A significant influence Dr Q had on me, is that when my old tapes begin to play, I recognize them for what they are and ask myself how would Dr Q counsel me on this.

Dr Q’s impact on my life has been to look towards potential opportunities that I would’ve ruled out in the past based on my self-imposed limitations. I am totally more open to anything being possible.”

Marlene M.
Health & Well-Being Benefits Director
New York, N.Y.


 “I began to work with Dr Q because I had a general feeling of “lack of control” – Financial, Business, Health, Spirituality. Dr Q really listened and responded exactly when he said he would with information, advice, etc.

The 3 things I came away with from working with Dr Q are:

1. Improved Mental Clarity
2. Improved Relationship with my wife
3. More organized and focused Business

My life has been impacted tremendously – Dr Q truly answered a deep need and prayer.

My gratitude. I will not do it justice with these words but Dr Q has had a profound positive impact on my life as well as my family’s.  I will always owe Dr Q a dept and I truly feel he was put on this earth as some kind of angel.”

Matthew Hoffman
Vienna, VA



 “I went through a few people and came to Dr Q’s webpage, seeing that Dr Q had a successful business was one aspect, and then seeing that Dr Q does energy work prompted me the most. I asked for guidance when choosing my mentor, and Dr Q is who stayed with me. Prior to working with Dr Q, I was still going through trauma from my divorce and was very stuck in those emotions hence it was difficult for me to focus on my business/career. As a healer myself, I greatly value the assistance and service from other healers because they can much more objectively see the energies (in this instance my energies around my divorce and father) and I wanted assistance in moving all of that ‘stuff’ out. Other challenges were money/income, organizational issues, and just the lack of direction.

I love the direct approach! Very skilled at sensing what is going on and or if not very skilled at creating the space for ME to figure out what is blocking or still causing pain. And there were times when I knew I had walls up prepared not to let anything go, those came down easily with Dr Q’s approach because of his complete objectivity and subtle sensitivity. Direct and objective, yet always very warm and caring, a great space for me to really let go and move forward. And I love that I could sense no judgment, just complete care and warmth.

I have attained complete neutrality around my divorce and my ex-husband, I am much more confident in myself as a person and feel empowered within, and due to the energies cleared out around my father I feel my career has so much more direction, I feel like I am in control of my life from a good strong place and I am able to be neutral around a variety of issues which allows me to remain calm and focused.

My life has completely changed! I am happy, my life is AWESOME! I was in a place where I wanted to move out of distress and despair and being so ready and willing Dr Q was the perfect person to have around. A really great source of support and healing.

I love the exercises that were given early on – the Eulogy – so powerful, as well as the ‘torch’ exercise – both have given me so much clarity and really helped me define myself and everything I have cleared out and worked through as a result of these exercises has left me feeling like a new person! I finally feel like ME! Dr Q has also helped me to be open to receive support – I was never really in a place to accept it and up to this point, I have really learned to open to receive support from others.”

Meredith Bowerman
Holistic Health & Wellness Trainer, Health Counselor
Houston, Texas



Micheal Miller testimonial for Dr Q“Dr Q has an inviting energy; is highly intelligent; and has overcome challenging life experiences. It is unusual to find all of that in one person. I am typically skeptical of “life coaches” because I struggle to believe that one person has the answer to everything. But Dr Q’s sales pitch was different, and I felt that while he wouldn’t fix EVERYTHING, he could certainly help me approach these difficult experiences.

The 3 most significant improvements from working with Dr Q:

1) Self-acceptance. It was difficult for me to accept the person that I had become. I did not like being injured; I hated being out of school; and I didn’t like being a social outsider. Previously, I had been THE MAN, but after the injury, I felt completely insignificant. Dr Q helped me change that.

2) Embracing change rather than fearing it. This was a big point for me. I was experiencing a lot of changes—most of them negative—and Dr Q helped me embrace those changes rather than running from them

3) A Newfound Optimism. This didn’t come through Dr Q’s lessons, but rather my personal exposure to Dr Q. His personal success—all of which lies outside of the traditional professional paradigm—gave me piece of mind regarding my own future.

I have rarely felt like I had much to learn from psychotherapists—a group that provides services somewhat similar to Dr Q’s. I never met one whom I felt challenged me intellectually and personally. I think that the power of listening is one of the great myths of our time; yes, I needed someone to listen to me, but I really needed a mentor to help guide me through a very difficult period. I came to Dr Q because I did not have the answers—not because I needed to listen to my own voice in order to find them. Instead of just listening, Dr Q offered me a set of tools—both practical (like the eulogy exercise) and more abstract (like the bouncy ball vs. riding your horse metaphor)—that empowered me to handle my very personal, unique obstacles.

After working with Dr Q for a few months (or maybe it was even a full year), I felt more capable to make difficult decisions on my own, because of the tools he gave me. If I had just seen a psychotherapist, I would have needed someone else to listen to my problems AGAIN after confronting new adversity. I can take Dr Q’s approach with me everywhere I go and apply it to almost any situation. I did not know how impactful my work with Dr Q would be before I hired him, but I am certainly glad that I did.

I feel more able to handle difficult situations. For example, things have been pretty difficult recently, but I feel more comfortable with the uncertainty of my present situation. I exert my energy toward those things that I can control, which allows me to maintain a good relationship to myself and others. I also have continued to make time to do those things that I enjoy, which has made my approach to my current obstacles more sustainable and comprehensive. Moreover, I have become more open to different life experiences that I might not have considered previously.

It has been interesting to see the similarities in Dr Q’s work and in various meditation traditions.

The 3 most impactful things I got from working with Dr Q:

1) The self-love exercises (which I thought were stupid at first) are very similar to Metta meditation. The goal in Metta is to saturate the self with love and compassion. The bath and walk exercises are very similar.

2) The idea that everything is energy and that consequently, everything can change is VERY Buddhist/Taoist. One could pick from a variety of Buddhist teachings—from classic ones like “Freedom from permanence” or modern adaptations like “Change is the only constant”—to demonstrate this point. Most Buddhist teachings that I have been exposed to emphasize the transience of the present moment while de-emphasizing both the future and past; I believe that the fact that change is so constant in their philosophy encourages this philosophy because the present is all that IS. It will all change immediately after it is and become something else. This Eastern outlook also suggests an interconnectedness between all things, which leads to Karmic energy—another staple of Dr Q’s teachings.

3) The primacy of self-love as a means to a richer personal experience in Dr Q’s teaching which is also very Buddhist. Self-love and compassion are the most cited vehicles to the “end of suffering” or enlightenment. Dr Q’s approach and the Dalai Lama’s are not that different.”

Michael, Financial Analyst
New York, NY



“I liked Dr Q’s directness and how he challenges you to “take the bull by the horns” and face a situation head on.

One of the significant things I gained from working with Dr Q was having the encouragement to overcome the fear of approaching a potential business investor that I kept thinking about approaching but then would procrastinate. After I crossed that hurdle, my anxiety lessoned and I was able to speak confidently. This has encouraged me to approach others and enabled me to expand my business.”

Michele Smith
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



“I felt like I had little control over my life. I felt overwhelmed by work and by my two properties. I also felt like I had issues sustaining a healthy relationship with a women. Dr Q taught me how to help myself. He never gave me the answers but showed me how I could find the answers.

I took away 3 significant improvements as a result of working with Dr Q:
1) Higher Self esteem
2) Healthy relationships
3) Professional growth

I was recently promoted at work and have an opportunity to double my income. I also recently reconnected with the love of my life and I feel really good about the future.

Dr Q made me feel like I was his only client. He was always very attentive and was always in tune.”

Nick, Business Development
Arlington, VA



 “Dr Q seemed like a very down-to-earth, grounded person who would hold me accounatable and whose attrubutes resonated greatly with my interests.  As a Reiki practitioner, I was immediately drawn to Dr Q’s energy healing qualities.  Also, as someone who was looking specifically for a business mentor, Dr Q was the perfect match since he is the co-founder of a successful business!  Lastly, I also sought guidance from another successful male in the business of wellness since a large portion of the wellness market is female. Before working with Dr Q, I was in need of grounding and business advice as I have never been to savvy in this respect.

I really appreciate Dr Q’s highly effective intuitive sensibility that cuts through all of the defense mechanisms, projections, and any other methods we use to avoid confronting our fears and the truth of our actions, circumstances, and situations. 

The 3 most significant improvements from working with Dr Q:

1) More confidence in my abilities to run my own business.
2) Recognizing the value of my work as a health counselor and a Reiki practitioner and that I deserve to charge the appropriate amount of money for my services.
3) Improved clarity in terms of career goals and vision.

I feel incredibly more passionate and motivated to work diligently towards my goals now that I am more confident and have a clearer idea of what I should and need to do.

Dr Q is a very intelligent and knowledgeable person who uses his intuition well to give excellent advice while simultaneously guiding his client to do the important work and determine things for themselves.  This is very inspiring and empowering.  Dr Q is a very caring and highly empathetic person who simultaneously hold one accountable and knows when to give “tough love”.  I think Dr Q is an excellent Health Counselor and Energy Healer!”

Roger Cervantes
Holistic Health Counselor & Reiki Master/Teacher
Jersey City, NJ



“I guess you could say I was a little confused when we first met to why someone who was successful and motivated was having problems finding someone to have a relationship with. I was as you say, a bouncy ball all over the place, I think I needed to talk and think and love myself and take control of my own future by riding my horse. Deciding what I really wanted and making it happen.

I like working with Dr Q because he doesn’t judge me .. he listens and sometimes doesn’t even have to comment.  I answer many of my questions myself, Dr Q helped me realize just how much I have achieved and there is power that makes me feel anything is possible.

I feel much more in control of what I want. I appreciate myself, but now I tell myself what a great person I really am. I know I am riding my horse, I feel strong. I feel nothing can stop me doing what I want to do. I have learned about myself, and my beacon of life which I try to stick to, be strong at all times…….respect others always. Ride my horse, Ride my horse, Ride my horse.

I find writing my feeling the hardest I prefer to talk, but having to write things out has been very helpful.”

Business owner
Alexandira, VA


“I was struggling with a challenging job which created significant stress, lack of sleep, and a decrease in my self confidence.

I am impressed with Dr Q’s perpetual positive attitude.  His approach in assigning “homework” was very effective.  He finds a good balance between listening to his clients and providing insight specific to challenges that he has overcome as well as successes of his other clients. Real world examples are very helpful.

I sleep better, my stress is significantly lower, and I have regained a significant amount of self confidence.  Although this is partially attributable to me leaving my former job, which Dr Q played a role in reassuring me that my decision was the right one. 
I am much happier personally.  My relationship with my children and spouse have also improved, as I’m not spending all my time worrying about the stresses of work. 
I have appreciated all of Dr Q’s help.  Although I know I will have several challenges in the future, Dr Q has helped equip me with the tools to face these challenges and take action to overcome them.”