June 6, 2015

My Unique Healing Philosophy

At the heart of my philosophy is the fundamental belief that we are all here to realize that we are all interconnected and to experience this interconnectedness. This long lost knowledge can be powerfully utilized to create the life that we want, but also to overcome karma and elevate our souls to a higher frequency by being kind to others as well as ourselves, being helpful, forgive others as well as ourselves, and to allow love to prevail over everything else.

The biggest and most powerful tool we were given to create the life that we want is: free will. A blessing and curse at the same time. Having free will can be very liberating but of course also very daunting. It is exactly because of our free will that we have to embrace the fact that our life and everything that we experience and that is “happening to us” is self-created.

To some extent life may be viewed as a kind of a school or even as some kind of a game. Some people accept this and are willing to play, learn, and grow. This makes life exciting and fun and turns challenges into an opportunity to grow. If you accept this then it puts you in control of your destiny and turns you into the master of your fate.

Most avoid this greater truth and, therefore, are played and kicked around by life – like a giant bouncy ball, ricocheting off one thing after another. Making them feel lost and disconnected from the universe and ultimately turning them into victims of circumstance.

Remembering that you have a choice in how you see your role in life can either liberate or imprison you. It is, however, always your choice.

Will you be a Bouncy Ball or

Will you Choose to Ride Your Horse?

Healing your life is not unlike riding a horse. Like life, getting on a horse can feel either a little scary – for those who are inexperienced in how to deal with horses – or it can feel exhilarating – for those who know how to ride a horse. There is nothing like being in sync with another being, for that is the feel of being in the positive flow of life. Sometimes though the horse becomes difficult to handle and sometimes you might even fall off.

You must get back on. Life is not about avoiding falling off of the horse. Life is about the getting back on the horse again! It doesn’t matter how often you fall off of your horse; all that matters is that you get back on it as fast as possible!

Like life, horses require you to take the lead. Or, by default, they’ll take you for a ride (and it’s usually not where you want to go). Your life requires you to learn to ride the proverbial horse and take the lead. And there’s nothing better than learning to become the leader of your own life.

So what does it take to “Ride Your Horse?”

I have designed a Transformational Mentoring system helping you create an abundance of happiness, health & wealth.

Step 1 – Decide to Ride Your Horse

Healing your life starts with having the curiosity to investigate how you could profoundly influence your daily experience. While this can be challenging (and sometimes humbling), it puts you in the driver’s seat of life.

Step 2 – See Everything as Energy

Cutting-edge science and ancient teachings concur that you and everything around you is pure energy. Understanding this concept, be it from a scientific level or a spiritual one, shows you how changing your inner landscape can radically and positively alter your outer landscape and create total life healing.

Step 3 – Chase Away Your Shadow Hounds

In our work together, you will discover what fears (I call them Shadow Hounds) have been driving the health compromising and self-sabotaging behaviors, thus holding you back in life; and how to focus your mind and energy in such a way that sends those “Shadow Hounds” running for the hills.

Step 4 – Focus Your Mind on Total Healing

The world and the conditions around you – your finances, health, relationships, career and even traffic – is completely integrated with your inner world of thoughts, feelings and emotions. I will teach you powerful focus techniques that help you influence your inner world to create healing results in your outer world.

Step 5 – Determine Your Future with Mindful Choices

I will introduce you to a set of life transformational tools to help you make empowering choices – from what you put on your plate, to how you manage your finances, to healing your love life and more. Each is designed to help you align your choices with the total healing you want to achieve.

Step 6 – Create an Inspiring Vision for Your Life

Those who have a vision for their life and take a little time to reconnect with it on a regular basis are those who succeed. I will show you how to easily create a vision for your life that will provide you with a continuous source of inspiration, inner guidance and healing.

Why I Believe You Can Heal Your Life

Believe me, if I can heal my life, then you can do it, too.

While I recognize the mindset and strategies I share are not for everyone, I know that absolutely anyone can learn the skills I have acquired and mastered.

You do not need to be a child prodigy, nor do you need to have a special talent or guru-like gift. Anyone can learn to heal and ultimately master his or her life.

Are you ready to take the first step?

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